dedicated to the families in the valley working in the hospitality industry.

A Walla Walla native, with deep roots in the community, Hannah was the founder and chef of Brasserie Four (2008-2016). She believes the sincerity, perseverance, dedication, and vision of those in the agriculture, wine, restaurant, and service industries in the valley has led Walla Walla to be the beloved and unique destination that it is today. A scholarship fund for those dedicated families in the hospitality industry was founded in 2016 in her name to applaud, highlight, and support those pursuing their very own dreams of a higher education.

The goal of the scholarship fund is to provide financial support for employees, or the children of employees, in the hospitality and service industries in Walla Walla County. College scholarships will be awarded based on financial need and merit. Recipients will be selected by the Blue Mountain Community Foundation scholarship committee and fund advisors.

For more information regarding this scholarship and eligibility please contact The Blue Mountain Community Foundation.